Quality Service

Quality Service, stroVoyager Qualityng quality measures are our investment in the future and we pledge to continually upgrade our quality emphasis to meet the dynamic challenges of a global marketplace. Just meeting our customer requirements through design, engineering and manufacturing isn’t enough at Voyager.  Our success depends on superior QUALITY.  Our Total Quality Management Program (TQMP) helps to insure our livelihood as a viable supplier.

Voyager manufactures to the highest quality standards. Our customers receive reliability, predictability, performance and quality through their entire project’s fabrication schedule. The result is outstanding finished product – – from the material sourced, to the complete documentation.

The Quality Assurance process begins a checklist which coordinates your product’s process criteria with our manufacturing and quality test procedures.  Documentation and traceability are standard at Voyager as we understand their importance.

Our TQMP consists of:

  • Statistical Process Control
  • Routine Vendor Performance Evaluations
  • Vendor Corrective Action Procedures
  • Pareto Analysis and Reporting
  • Incoming Raw Material Inspection to AQLs (Acceptable Quality Levels)
  • Continuous Floor Inspection and Operator Quality Accountability
  • Material Review Board
  • Capability Studies on Purchased Products
  • Internal Corrective Action Plans
  • ISIR Inspection (Initial Sample Inspection Report
  • Continual Print Revision/Improvement Review
  • Employee Training / Education and Certification in the areas of:
    • Management Team Building
    • Welder Qualification
    • Operator QualificationVoyager Quality
    • QA Inspector Qualification


All Voyager products/services listed here are proudly Made in the USA! When you buy products that are made in America it means you are helping to support the American economy, supporting the people in our communities.